Monday, February 18, 2008

Deep inside Agile Development

A nice article,

I have just read a fantastic article written by Ted Neward on pragmatic agile development, from an architectural prespective. I must say he beautifully put together the philosphy of agile development, core issues that we face and what exactly it means by agile development when it comes to delivery of the solution. read it here

and I love his conclusion,

"Call it what you will, the basic keys to successful software remain the same: good people, whether they’re developers or managers; good process, whether it’s lightweight or rigorous; a good product, whether it’s detailed in a document or sketched on 3x5 cards; and good technology, whether it’s COBOL or something a bit more modern. Many shops do one thing right, some do two or three, but the truly spectacular successes get all four right, and the results…well, they speak for themselves, and need no buzzword to define them."

and the book,

the article reminded me of the book, Rapid Development (well how could I forget that book!) that laid the fondation stone of my software engineering concepts when I studied it at Uni in 1997. Its third chapter "Classical Mistakes" is fantastic and the list should be put on the walls of a software house as we tend to forget and commit such classical mistakes again and again.

happy reading