Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Development is one thing, publishing is another

You may fail a methodology if you fail to publish it.

Success of some newly developed or adopted development methodology largely depends on how successfully it is communicated to the development team. For example, creating heavy documents and putting them on some network folders won't guarantee that the methodology would be followed and understood well by the development team.

There are few techniques,

-Publish the methodology on some local portal/intranet. The data should be highly visible, linked and searchable by the team. Preferably the information should be published in html format rather than in the word docs.

-Run training sessions for newly hired developers

-Prepare summary documents that could stick on the developer desks for quick lookup (like coding standards, process flows etc)

A lovely scenario
" a newly hired developer starts working on software design and need to know how to prepare design specifications document?, knowing a simple link http://ourportal/DevMethodolgoy, clicks there, opens the page, types in the search box 'design specifications', the result pages displays the design process with detailed guidelines about the activities, process flows, templates, roles and responsibilities, sample documents and archive of previously developed design documents. In few minutes the developer knows exactly what needs to be done and how"