Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bing it or Bung it? Google it.

Yes it is beta but…..

This is in continuation of my previous post. Although Bing it is still in Beta but it really surprises me how could Microsoft release such a half cooked product. As I understand beta version means a software that has been tested internally, found stable,  worked as required and released as beta so that if some something missed from the testing team could be captured by early users.

the test,

1. Search 1.0 in Bing and Google, search results look ok (better than Live Search), see my previous post on Google and live search comparison

2. Frequently when I search technical stuff I go straight to images to find an architectural document as ‘ a picture is worth thousand words’. So I did the same in Bing and Google and my jaw dropped – () .

3. I searched for ‘ 1.0’. Bing came with only three images, not relevant to search, while Google came with 1470 very relevant images. Clicked on Video & news, not result found in Bing, Google came with loads of videos as well as relevant news items.

4. To make it easy , modified the search to just ‘’ , images came in greater number but more than 90% irrelevant while Google came with about 90% relevant!

Sorry Bing,

For search engine war, Microsoft can’t win with their old strategy of ‘Early to market with bugs’ . They could win with products like Office, windows and SharePoint etc where there is not that stiff competition but taking on Google Search is something different. So I still go for ‘Google it’