Friday, June 6, 2008

Back to life

Back to business after almost two months, at work life goes as usual, another project after another,but personal life has been changed completely, got married to a beautiful girl, came with her to Aus(yes we made it together!), just got the keys of our new home (moving very soon!) and last (but not the least!) will going to have someone soon who will call me Daddy! (what a feeling!)

So what should I write now? still IT thoughts are trying to make their way into my mind but with not much success

What if we map our lives to Software life cycle? how it would look like? I always love such analogies, they give some interesting knowledge bits, let you look at life from a different angle

We born to our parents,
* software born to business users and development team,

We grow, learn, improve, medical problems, see doctor, cry, laugh,parents feel proud
* software gets rich in feature, get defects (but they don't cry!), eases the pain of the users (but they don't laugh!), see technical support guys, get more stable and stable, business user and developers feel proud(not always though :D )

We socialise, make friends, help others, get benefited from others, create problems for others,
* software starts interacting with other software (ok I mean web services in today's term), relationships established, provide information to other systems, share data, share knowledge, sometimes crash the other systems too, but they don't feel!

We get threats, concerned for our security, financial struggle, move to other places, buy new homes, change lifestyles
* software attacked by viruses, spyware, malware ..., move from one server to another, behind another firewall, get new operating system, new features, work more efficiently (but they never pay themselves, their parents (business or consultants) always pay for them )

We plan our life, start family, Kids, travel and tours, family holidays,
* software , hmmm, sorry they always work, no such luxury , poor dumb systems, they need some AI to think, how crap their lives are!

well, ultimately we die, remembered or forgotten
* software, they die too, replaced by new systems and forgotten,

I don't want to be a software, I want to be remain human, establish my life but want to work only part of a day not 24x7, enjoy my life, laugh and yes wanna cry too, I want to be remembered, I don't want to be a software

see u soon with some real IT stuff!