Thursday, October 2, 2014

Microsoft Azure Dev Camp - Australia Oct 2014

Microsoft is running Dev camps in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane on the following dates

10 October 2014 – Register
11 October 2014 – Register
31 October 2014 – Register
1 November 2014 – Register
21 November 2014 – Register
22 November 2014 – Register

From the program details it looks to be an interesting event for all those interested in Microsoft Azure platform

"At this Cloud Dev Camp you will learn how to use the new Microsoft Azure features and services including Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines, Websites, and Visual Studio 2013 to build and move a variety of apps to the cloud.  You will see how to build websites, mobile applications, and enterprise-class applications. The Microsoft Cloud Dev Camp is a great place to get started with Microsoft Azure development or to learn what’s new with the latest Microsoft Azure features."