Monday, October 13, 2014

My notes from Azure Dev Camp Sydney - Oct 2014

I have to say it was one of the most productive one day sessions I have ever attended. Mick Badran delivered a fast paced session full of Azure content. The cloud and Azure landscape is continuously changing, it was great to refresh myself and find out what is in Azure pipeline.

Here are some key points from the session

The key message is this : Azure cloud is full of wonders and new things, though they were there before in some other 'form' but how they been (re)positioned in their new forms with some new products is amazing.  Simply put it is gonna make architects and developers reconfigure their way of thinking application design and development approach.

For IT management the challenge will be how to revise and implement their governance model to get max out of their cloud solutions. From migration to adoption there will be surely a new challenges

Now it terms of what is the latest

- SSD Drives are coming to Azure (only D drive yet, see my other post) , the new interface to manage your Azure cloud, though it is not stable, was crashing again and again but def looks cool